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About Us

The importer exporter of all things latex. Since our start in 1992, our Founder, Art Vandelay, and CEO, Kel Varnsen, have lead the field in latex research and manufacturing for over 20 years. The Vandelay Invitational is both an accomplishment and celebration for our incredible team, sponsors, and those who wish us well. Just remember, you cannot clean the ball unless it's on the green.


Vandelay Invitational photo by Jo Szczepanska

New Career Event in Fall 2023

Recruiting, training, and developing the next generation of procrastinators. Bear in mind, you'll be in the smaller office.
Vandelay Invitational 2024

Vandelay Invitational 2024 Schedule Coming Soon

The Vandelay Invitational 2024 League Season is slated to start next January on PGA 2K21.
Merion East on PGA 2K21

Kramerica Open Bans All Wallet-Havers From Attending Their Events

Here’s what you need: just a couple of cards in your bankroll. Keep the big bills on the outside!
Vandelay Ventures photo by Markus Spiske

Vandelay Ventures’ Golf Initiative Surpasses $50m in investments

Of course it’s a good idea, it’s my idea. I conceived this whole project two years ago!
Vandelay Invitational photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Our Impact: The Human Fund

The charity of our time celebrates every holiday season with a donation made in your name. Money for People.
Brandt-Leland and Vandelay Invitational photo by Sid Suratia

Brandt-Leland Invests in the Future of Golf, Vandelay Invitational, Now Owns an 11% Stake

The upscale firm says it’s merely standing by their motto: Taking Care of Business.

Opportunities Await You

Joining the Vandelay Invitational, its umbrella of companies and partnerships, and other world-renowned procrastinators is one of your most important decisions. Our unrivaled access to tools, resources, and benefits allows you to become recognized as a leader with the opportunity to do something. Something productive? Maybe.

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Our Partners

Kramerica Industries
Babu's Dream Cafe
Schnitzer's Bakery
Kruger Industrial
Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken
Hennigan's Scotch
China Panda
The Human Fund